ITEF Istanbul International Literature Festival aims to position literature as a branch of art that appeals to large audiences.

Where Does Literature Grow in Yalova’s Gardens?

24.09.2023 | Kalem Ev

Authors :   Cem Oğuz   Hande Çiğdemoğlu    

KalemHouse was built to host authors, illustrators, translators, and publishing professionals in beautiful Yalova, a city which is also home to authors Cem Oğuz and Hande Çiğdemoğlu. This year, our wirtiers will be on the ITEF stage. While Cem Oğuz will be talking about his book Kepçenin Gücü in which he blends history and cuisine, Hande Çiğdemoğlu will be talking about her book Kağıt Kesiği, which is a collection of feminist stories she wrote in response to the patriarchy.

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