ITEF Istanbul International Literature Festival aims to position literature as a branch of art that appeals to large audiences.

ITEF 2018 - We Follow Literature


05May 2018
UN Literature Prize winning authors Peder Frederik Jensen, Marente de Moor, Edina Szvoren and Pierre J. Mejlak create a long bridge from short stories on relationships, sexuality, solidarity, the dark sides of soul and our lives surrounded by social media while discussing the freeing, familiarizing and bonding façades of literature.
Lavinia Petti, who gets lost in the magical streets of Naples in Il ladro di nebbia, and Eilis Barret, who creates a fearsome dystopia at such a young age, create a new world of fiction together at Nail Kitabevi. The authors take us on a journey of the world they create while sharing their inspirations at the junction of imagination and pushing the borders of creativity.
Dagmar Geisler, famous children’s book author from Germany, narrates her books on children’s rights and psychology, titled My Body Belongs to Me, My Feelings and Me, I Won’t Go with Strangers and guides the social and emotional development of both children and adults.
Bea Johnson, who influenced a lot of readers after adopting “Zero Waste” lifestyle in 2008 and publishing her book Zero Waste Home in 2013, shares her own life style without preaching or judging. Johnson breaks down prejudices through her method of “5R: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Root” and talks about the advantages of a minimal lifestyle.
Sofi Oksanen, who is on the best-seller lists of various countries including Finland, comes together with her readers on the 5th of May at the magical atmosphere of Bomontiada, and talks about her book Norma, published by Doğan Kitap.



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