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ITEF - Istanbul International Literature Festival

ITEF- Istanbul International Literature Festival was initiated by Kalem Agency and it has been organized by Kalem Culture Association which is a non-profit foundation, since 2009.
It is the first international literary festival of Turkey focusing on a variety of genres, and to bring together writers, publishers, literary translators, critics and journalists for a series of inspirational encounters. These events are open to public, free and have a wide spectrum that ranges from conversations to panels, from literature workshops to reading events. The aim is to be the meeting point for artists from all around the world who wish to expand their relationships without boundaries.
Besides all the activities, ITEF also organizes a fellowship programme which aims to increase the visibility of Turkish literature abroad, to promote Turkish literature worldwide and to enrich the literary scene in Turkey by extending horizons and creating new dialogues. With these aims in mind, the festival established the ITEF Fellowship Program. The Fellowship programme first started in 2011
ITEF is a unique meeting point in Istanbul for writers, publishers, agents, translators, journalists, literary fund managers, festival coordinators and all of those who are passionate about  the world literature. The program allows a limited number of literary professionals around the world to meet with Turkish counterparts in their field, to share best practice and ideas and spark new projects and literary exchanges.
ITEF- Istanbul International Literature Festival has hosted 534 writers from 62 different since 2009 and also 147 literature professionals – fellow- since 2009.


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