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Story Workshop – The Inspiration in the Memory of Place

09.06.2022 | Özel Saint Benoît Fransız Lisesi

Authors :   Defne Suman    

"Real museums are places where Time turns into space," says Orhan Pamuk in the 83rd episode of the Museum of Innocence. Benjamin also uses the phrase "past transformed into space" in his famous work Passages. If we look at it from these two perspectives, Istanbul is a museum. It offers us the opportunity to travel in time with its buildings, passages and courtyards bearing the traces of the past. It is easy to feel the memory-space relationship that stimulates the author's creativity as we wander between the buildings of Beyoğlu. We will look at the structures around Galata square by imagining "the past turned into a place" and then our imagination fills. We will talk, write and read, if we wish, how to set up a story based on images.


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