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A Dropline of Love in Modern World

06.06.2022 | Özel Saint Benoît Fransız Lisesi

Authors :   D. Ayça Çakmak   Rory Power    

The young writer, who shakes the reader's ego in many different languages and makes him question himself and his identity, leaves the pattern of love to the flow of life in its simplest form, without losing the perception of the past and future, with her two books translated into Turkish, Wild Girls and Burn Our Bodies Down. The writer Rory Power, who can knit love  which is as old as the history of humanity, new enough to adapt to every age, mysterious enough to always be sought, a feeling so proud that it can turn expectations upside down can masterfully assemble love into the strangest and most contradictory moments and environments and a brand new world with that familiar old feeling will talk about her books and writing adventure in the light of the love of literature with Ayça Çakmak.

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