ITEF Istanbul International Literature Festival aims to position literature as a branch of art that appeals to large audiences.

When we are weighed down by the realities of our world we tend to seek refuge in the arms of dreams. However even these dreams are actually shaped by the same realities we are running away from. Jorge Zepeda Patterson who has an established career as a journalist will talk about his characters who couldn’t escape the dark realities of their country. Having been named the Virginia Woolf of our generation, Josefine Klougart will talk about her newest novel One Of Us Is Sleeping in which a young woman ends up drowning in her dreams and Seray Şahiner who in her novel Kul described the experiences of a woman who tries to model her own life after what she sees on TV and fails, discuss the duality in the nature of dreams and reality.

10.05.2017 |

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