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We would like to thank all of our participants, volunteers and supporters once more at the 2017 Istanbul International Literature Festival, where more than 70 events took place under the theme of "We Follow Literature".

The Kitchen of Literature - METU Book Club

Speakers: Orhan Tuncay, Yasemin Civelekoğlu

6 May 2018 Sunday


A book club is the meeting point of every literature lover, who fondly follows literature. İstanbul METU Alumni Association Literature Club, which is one of the most long-termed literature clubs of İstanbul, talked about how they follow literature since 2003, from the perspective of a bookclub.

First Stage at İTEF - Arzum Uzun Met Her Readers on Bomontiada!

6 May 2018 Sunday

Beloved author of Bitli Pileyboy, Süper Über, Nerdesin Aşkım?,‘99 Yazı, Vurgun Yiyenler, Arzum Uzun, who is one of the unique names of Turkish literature, brings about a memoir essay work! Literature lovers, who believe that their life would be the subject of a novel or a movie, will say that İzi Kaldı reminds their own life stories with its sincere narrative, Arzum Uzun met her readers at "First Stage at İTEF!".

İTEF2018 – Kid Lit: Göknur Birincioğlu Meets the Children!

Speaker: Göknur Birincioğlu

6 May 2018 Sunday


Penelope was at bomontiada today. The little literature lovers who wanted to meet the Minister of Dream Affairs, joined us for this great event to hear Penelope's story!

Creating a New World of Fiction

Speakers: Eilis Barrett, Lavinia Petti

Moderated by: Kardelen Genç

5 May 2018 Saturday

Nail Kitabevi

Lavinia Petti and Eilis Barrett talked about “Creating a New World of Fiction”. The two authors, who fictionalize highly different worlds, have one thing in common: imagination. We learned the sources of their inspiration and take on an adventure in their worlds, in which they push the limits of creativity.

A Long Bridge From Short Stories

Speakers: Edina Szvoren, Marente de Moor, Peder Frederik Jensen, Pierre J. Mejlak

Moderated by: Ece Erdoğuş

5 May 2018 Saturday

Yapı Kredi Culture and Art

Would literature free us? Would it bring us closer? Moreover, would it connect us with each other? Does language have any limits? We asked all these question while forming long bridges from short stories of Peder Frederik Jensen, Marente de Moor, Edina Szvoren and Pierre J. Mejlak on the subjects of relationships, sexuality, solitude, the dark sides of soul and our lives surrounded by social media.

Crosscultural Poetry – Poets from Germany & Turkey meet at ITEF!

Speakers: Frank Schablewski, Max Czollek

Moderated by: Nurduran Duman

5 May 2018 Saturday

Yapı Kredi Culture and Art

This festival highlight brought together three of the celebrated figures in contemporary poetry, featuring readings from Frank Schablewski, Max Czollek and Nurduran Duman. They demonstrated the power of poetry in the contemporary age, pushed the boundaries of poetry’s possibilities, talked about alternative ways of telling a story, and their inspirations, the critical approach of the reader and the writer, and exemplified the diversity of self-expression in the 21st century.

İTEF2018 – Kid Lit: A. Orçun Can Meets the Children!

Speaker: A. Orçun Can

5 May 2018 Saturday

Yapı Kredi Culture and Art

We participated in the adventures of Nil and Aksel through A. Orçun Can’s “young children’s boks”, titled “The Girl Who Fell to the Sky” and “The Man who Came From Earth”.

Fantastic Fiction and Effect on Music

Speakers: Burak Bayülgen, Murat Arda ve Zeynep Çolakoğlu

Moderated by: Utku Uluer

Utku Uluer and FABİSAD members Zeynep Çolakoğlu, Murat Arda and Burak Bayülgen discussed how the examples of fantastic fiction, horror and science-fiction influence the music in a literary sense.

Beauty, Life and Other Tragedies

Speaker: Sofi Oksanen

Moderated by: Hülya Balcı

5 May 2018 Saturday


Sofi Oksanen, one of the most important figures in Finnish literature, met her Turkish readers for the first time at ITEF stage. With the moderation of Hülya Balcı, they talked about beauty, life and other tragedies.

How to Pick the Right Book for Children?

Speakers: Burcu Aktaş, Ömür Kurt

5 May 2018 Saturday


Burcu Aktaş and Ömür Kurt met children at bomontiada to pick the 'right book'! In this event where children and parents attented together; authors discussed the books that kids love to follow.

Radio Days – Side-effects of Literature: Tevfik Fikret

Speaker: Gönül Ak

5 May 2018 Saturday

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Literature Museum Library

Tevfik Fikret appeared as the guest of the show “Edebiyatın Yan Etkileri” (Side-effects of Literature) that shared famous writers’ outlooks on life, their life outside of literature, and the reflection of the aforementioned aspects on their works. The show narrated the poet’s perspective about life, his state of mind, habits fears, obsessions, interests and a lot of aspects that are unknown.