Dreaming with Göbeklitepe

In her literature, Yonca Eldener starts dreaming with cities, and firstly, she decides on where her novel will take place. Eldener blends dreams with the histories and true stories of cities like Göbeklitepe, Urfa, Harran, Milas, Bodrum, and Tarsus. While walking through the alleys of these archaic cities, the wheels of her imagination starts turning. Through becoming the voice of those ruined walls, wrecks, epitaphs, and desolated houses, she turns into the characters who are to be the interpreters of those mute witnesses. Göbeklitepe has a very important place for her. She believes that the null point of history will trigger limitless creativity for many people, occupy their imaginations for a very long time, and inspire innumerable thinkers to find the keys of modern civilisation.