Breathing in Modern Times

Five authors who come to the concept of modernity with different cultural and historical backgrounds will discuss the hardships faced by people living in modern times. What we gain and what we lose with these changing times? Alek Popov who examines behaviour of Bulgaria's new elite on the eve of accession in his works; Annabel Abbs who recreated the early 20th century Paris, the age of Joyce, Jung an even later Beckett in her novel The Joyce Girl; Carsten Jensen who followed the modernization period of his hometown Martsal in his award-winning novel We, the Drowned; Dimitris Sotakis who delved deep into the existential crisis of the modern man in his novel Miracle of Breath and finally Nermin Yıldırım who took her protagonist and readers on a thrilling journey of self-inspection in her latest novel Dokunmadan will discuss the themes of breath, drowning and suffocation amidst modernity. 20:30 - 21:30 This event will be in English