Searching for What We Have Lost: Among the Waves of Unknown

There are certain needs that stem from the act of being on the road as a way of escaping from the insincere state of life and from the deterioration of soul that comes from the feeling of deprivation, fed by searching for the aforementioned sincerity. These needs can be illustrated as the people that restore one’s soul. Marente de Moor’s stories that analyze the people who continue their lives as everything is fine but also who cannot make it through, while acting as a wirewalker of humor and tragedy, and Gözde Kurt’s novel full of hope that talks about resisting and possibilities, while setting sail to sincerity and fighting among the waves of unknown, meet together to discuss inner peace under the context of “searching”.

Speakers: Gözde Kurt, Marente de Moor

Moderator: Sedef İlgiç