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The Author's Self-Love

10.06.2022 | Özel Saint Benoît Fransız Lisesi

Authors :   Selim Bektaş   Firdevs Ev   Fatma Nur Kaptanoğlu   Berkan M. Şimşek    

Different author personas, current trends in auto-fiction and editing, production pains, texts that were never written as a platonic love… Three names of contemporary Turkish literature, Selim Bektaş with his experimental and absurd novels, Firdevs Ev with his magical-realistic and dark narrative, Fatma Nur Kaptanoğlu, who emphasizes the relationship between text and visuals in his stories, and Berkan M. Şimşek will come together. The place of the author's self-love in literary writing will be discussed; The dynamics of the tripartite relationship between the author, the text and the reader and the writing processes will be discussed.

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