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Growing from Zero: Love, Nature, Taste and Compassion in Luigi Ballerini

09.06.2022 | İtalyan Kültür Merkezi

Authors :   Luigi Ballerini    

Could the way not to feel equal to zero or nonexistent is to be noticed by others as well as by noticing yourself? Just like the moment when we realize that we never grew up alone, and witness early on the illusion and vulnerability of loneliness. Just as we realize one day that we are bodies that constantly connect with nature and humans, beyond emotions and sounds, and that we need this connection... In this conversation, moderated by Mehmet Erkurt, with the White Raven Award-winning author, doctor and psychoanalyst Luigi Ballerini, the author's novels will be discussed. We will talk about the experience of being a child and young person, the strength that increases with solidarity, the healing and growing power of the relationship established with life.

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