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Different Geographies, Common Feelings

08.06.2022 | Özel Saint Benoît Fransız Lisesi

Authors :   Per Petterson   Emir Çubukçu   Banu Gürsaler Syvertsen    

Norwegian writer Per Peterson, who is appreciated by Turkish readers for his books and generally Northern European / Scandinavian Literature for his plain and quiet narration, and known for his works We're Going to Steal Horses and Men in My Situation and the translator of the author’s books Banu Gürsaler Syvertsen will come together with actor and writer Emir Çubukçu on the stage of ITEF 2022. They will have an exciting and unforgettable conversation about the themes of different cultures and love models, and about his latest novel Then. Petterson offers a diverse reading to his readers by addressing all social problems, family relations and political areas through a main character.

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