Breaking the Patterns of History with Waves: Kafka’s Cats and Grand Bazaar

Speakers: Gabor T. Szanto & Fuat Sevimay

Moderated by: Elif Tanrıyar

Hungarian author Gabor T. Szanto, in his novel Kafka’s Cats, tells about an academician’s interesting journey who starts to search for Kafka after finding out Franz Kafka actually didn’t die in 1921. Fuat Sevimay, in his magical novel “Grand Bazaar”, goes deep into Grand Bazaar’s history, reversing the official history and transforming it into an enchanted tale. Both novels investigate the history along with the sociological aspects. How do they create the breakwater effect? Do they want to create a new wave, a new point of view? Elif Tanriyar will moderate the event which brings together Szanto and Sevimay on the same stage. Homelessness, recent history and alienation to the context will be some of the highlights of the event.

Event in Hungarian / Turkish with simultaneous translation.

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