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Sedat Demir

Sedat Demir

He was born 1975. For his Master Degree thesis he did a research on Umberto Eco and his philosophy. At the moment he is writing a doctoral thesis about Walter Benjamin and Walter Ong concetrated on oral communication.

For a long time he has been doing a wide range of jobs. He started publishing his first articles in national newspapers and magazines in 1997. He worked as a writer, project manager and editor for various institutions. Besides his translations from English to Turkish in the field of literature, books belonging to other fields are published in his translation. Demir also took part in script writing. Both as a freelancer and within institutions he worked in a field of marketing and article writing.

Demir did editorial and PR work in many publishing houses and also worked as magazine editor.

From 2010 he has been leading writing workshops in several institutions which had the attendance of close to 300 participants by now.

Besides working on a position of Publishing Director at Dedalus Book Publishing.