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Professional Meetings Fellowship Program Open Call

ITEF2018-Istanbul International Literature Festival

"Follow the Literature"

May 4rd-13th 2018

Professional Meetings Fellowship Program Open Call

ITEF-Istanbul International Literature Festival aims to increase the visibility of Turkish literature abroad, to promote Turkish literature worldwide and to enrich the literary scene in Turkey by extending horizons and creating new dialogues. With these aims in mind, the festival established the ITEF Fellowship Program in 2011.

ITEF is a unique meeting point in Istanbul for writers, publishers, agents, translators, journalists, literary fund managers, festival coordinators and all of those passionate about world literature.

The program allows a limited number of literary professionals from around the world to meet with Turkish counterparts in their field, to share best practice and ideas and spark new projects and literary exchanges.

fellowship dates: May 2rd-6th 2018

To learn more about ITEF programme, please take "A Look at Istanbul’s Festival and Fellows Program":

for more detail please contact us:


We would like to thank all of our participants, volunteers and supporters once more at the 2017 Istanbul Tanpınar Literature Festival, where more than 50 events took place under the theme of "City and Dream".

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