İTEF-İstanbul Tanpınar Literary Festival includes international events for professionals under name of Fellowship Programme to encourage collaboration among authors, publishers, editors and translators from both from Turkey and abroad. Since its first launch in 2011, ITEF has hosted 104 professionals from 30 countries in İstanbul in order to promote Turkish literature and publishing. ITEF receives more applications every year and this year the Fellowship Programme, this year İTEF received over 200 applications from 34 countries. Professionals working in the field of literature and translation will visit publishing houses with their Turkish colleagues and share their knowledge and experience in one on one meetings throughout the three-day programme. At the same time they will be able to closely observe the Turkish literature market and the works to be translated from Turkish into foreign languages. ITEF- Fellowship Program will be sponsored by Beyoğlu Municipality, Can Publishing, Doğan Book, Hep Book, Kronik Book and ITHL. Önümüzdeki yıl için linki tıklayarak başvuruda bulunabilirsiniz.